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Please read below to know some things on how to use our site for selling.

your email address is very important in selling online so make sure to use the email address you use for your business here, it is where you would receive messages for delivery and purchase.

please when uploading pictures of product, for best chances of selling get a white background, and for those not using white background can choose to use whatever they want to use but make it attractive.        *we would be giving out warning to those who we see their pictures are not of good graphics.

please always keep check of your product, if finished please you are to remove , close or mark as out of stock till new ones are available, you can also collect pre-Oder before the product gets available again.

make your products as clear as possible to the buyer, we have helped you with a lot in giving them enough details but do more to make them happy, example: if color of product is red then don’t write ‘white …….’ put it to red as well. *we will be giving warning strikes to those reported of selling wrong products.

about payment, it is best to use stripe for receiving of payments from us but we can pay to all forms of payment.

on how to use the store watch below video before you go.