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Orders and Shipping

For all products ordered a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 15 days

you can create an account from here or from my account at the top bar, click here to create an account

Your shipping address can be changed from your account section.

A tracking code will be sent to your email address for tracking your order.

No we hold no such sensitive information, all transaction is done from your trusted third party gateways like amazon pay, stripe, pay stack etc..

Yes tax is added to prices but that is not demanded by us, it is demanded by the sellers, all sellers are in charge of taxation of their products but if you feel there is a product that is incredibly high and not fitting its quality then contact us and we would look into it.

Yes since the people using this site are turkey and Cyprus, if your not here then NO, we have a site for your country or if not yet, we would soon, we are working on expanding our market place soon but will update you in our blog post if any thing comes up.

Our shipping is done in two ways, the sellers can choose to ship by us and can ship by them selves but your product will be delivered with in the time we said that said, if its us in charge of your shipping then your goods will be in one box depending on the capacity of our boxes if not then 2 boxes.

If you need to swap an item

Returns and Exchanges

If you did, please contact us immediately, you can choose to refund or return and get your actual product when you contact us.

please contact us, the fault is from us, we will re-ship to you a new one.

please contact us and we will send you a loaction.

Please contact us and we would do our best to support to the fullest and make sure your happy.

please quickly contact us to put your order on hold so we can work on that.

Yes, you can. for all orders as long as you cancel before 4 hours or a day maximum while for change you can contact the seller to do that for you.

This depends on the seller, some seller might not agree with this and some might.