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what you gain selling here

Welcome to Easybuytr, where everything is found easy to do.

If you’re looking for reasons to sell on our online mall, then you came to the right place for that. the reasons are a lot but we would give only a few important ones.

THE PROFESSIONALISM- having a product to sell or having loyal customers to sell to doesn’t mean you’re giving that professional feel or growing, your simply playing in a battleground where your competitors might already be here selling or selling elsewhere but the key fact is that they are seen and known in what modern people these days belief to be the truth (online). so having a store online isn’t successful but it puts you closer to success, it makes you have a more professional feel about your business especially when your customers leave a review on your product or store.

Larger Traffic-yes, selling in a place where other businesses or stores are will always give you a selling chance, think of it as your in a marketplace or mall, you have lots of shops open and close to each other, they might not be selling the same products but what they are selling begin to create a demand in your mind for that product as well, yh? good that’s just how a large marketplace like this works, we got a lot more for you and we are still expanding, now as an early seller on our marketplace you would be a trusted seller when we go global and would get customers easily(we do this by the period of times you have been with us and sometimes how customers recommend you)

Less stress– having a shop here with us simply puts your focus on other things like posting your products on social media and not going from door to door to show what you have or having to wait under the sun in a car or bus or corner calling people who disrespect your wonderful being all because your humble. with easybuytr your work has been reduced plus without your traffic or customers you will still get sellers coming to you from other sellers traffic and from us.

Responsive website- our store is very responsive and would be getting an app soon, our loading time is very fast and we have a good and welcoming design also designed in a way you feel totally in charge of your products, if you also have a location our marketplace will display it on the site for buyers to see in the find stores by location area, please do not skip our guide on how to use our seller dashboard to how to get a top sell here.

Security- This site is fully secured and registered with that said we handle the payment by being the middle receiver who holds the money and gives when a product has been delivered, the same goes for refunding.

Opportunity- We launched this project in other to help mostly smaller business owners or individuals who do businesses like such listed in this site’s category, by giving them a store online that would have its own unique store name at an extremely low price that feels like a dream but it’s true we simply take a fee because we don’t do a commission, and your fee is to be paid based on this period of (6, 12) months you choose the way you want. you might as why we did it so but it’s simple, we are giving you the opportunity to enjoy our help and not have to worry about paying us an expensive fee.

With all this said, if we convinced you enough to give it a try then what are you waiting for!!! come sign-up and start posting, what you have to lose anyway, we made our price so low that even if you made no profit for a whole year which isn’t possible but still, you will be able to easily make a decision to close the store.

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