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Ship between turkey and Cyprus👍

Solving Problem

Easybuy Marketplace

[A place for beginners and proffesionals]

Our goal

We are here to solve your problem and delivery your needs


To reduce the difficulties in selling and buying, to give many an oppurtunity to expand and be known while to give buyers the comfort of searching and buying of goods


In 5 to 10 years we want a place where selling and expanding is easier and profitable, A place where reaching out to customers has never been easier, and to help you grow.

And to have helped over 10 000 people in their businesses.


We are here to solve your problem and help with your needs

We are a large-online Marketplace that deals with helping sellers look more professional,  reach buyers and buyers reach sellers.

Our order

orders are delivered based on the method the sellers chooses, we to manage the shipping or they to manage the shipping.

Gift Cards

We give gift cards to be used on our marketplace if a person makes a certain amount of purchase or wins a game challenge announced by the admin or by a seller requesting to the admin for their products


All products sold here are from Good to best nothing sold here is rated bad.

Our users privacy

All personal details are safely kept and not shared with anyone, please visit our policy page for more.


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Easybuytr is an online marketplace where all sellers are in charge of their goods, we simply help them in getting more sales.

how and why is this a good place to sell? 

Because easybuytr is primarily built for sellers, its a multivendor market place which means even if your new to our site, you get noticed because of other sellers traffic, in easybuytr traffic is for all and registering to sell on our site is the most simple way ever.

How we register sellers vs how we register buyers? 


For those that are selling, your required usual information of a seller with an additional verification which is video call(now you might choose to do it or not but note that those who don’t do it will be seriously watched) for buyers the user customers information needed to create an account. 


There are other sites like this in this in this area, why choose you? 

1. Shorter delivery time because goods are within only this areas Cyprus and Turkey.

2. The flexibility of the site, how fast it is as well will determine if the marketplace is going to be ranked up, a buyer for example won’t like to be in a situation where they have to wait 5-15 secs for a page to load when they have more pages to search through before they get their choice, this can make buyers give up and just find a better place. This is one of the key features we have, our site loads easily even on slow network it loads really fast for a marketplace with large contents, in no time we would be ranked by Google and those selling will benefit more from us.

3. Security is a must for us, our site is backed up with a good security and can be trusted with payments, we also advise customers to set up a 2 factor verification for payments or otp, this way we are more safe.

4.payment for goods is held untill goods have been delivered before we pay the seller his money for his good.

5. We are here to solve problems and not make more, cheaper price good quality, easy finding, easy buying and easy getting, bringing comfort to you all.

6.we have a wider goal to be global and those who were with us during the early times customers and sellers will benefit in alot of ways. 


Why only Cyprus and Turkey?

We started here because we have seen and experienced what its like to stay in one of this countries, its difficult for most and normal or usual for others the way shopping goes over here but we heard the cries of people and wishes if only shopping was easier and could get those cloths, goods they need, we also listed to those who sell or wanted to start a selling business but had no hope on how to get customers or use the social media for their business, so we came up with this idea and also that’s how the name was made, initially we wanted it to just be easybuy but it appears some other businesses have used that too often and so we decided to add (tr) so you all know where we are targeting. we also plan to target other countries over time with just their name added to our domain for each country, example- easybuytr, ngeasybuytr, and so on.


please read our blog on how to avoid fraud.